Mini Golf

Mini GolfEdit

The Mini Golf is is an overly colorful indoor mini golf course. The featured hole is of course, the windmill, standing nearly to the ceiling of the floor. A sky blue backdrop and fake hanging clouds complete the look. A small rack of clubs sits near the door, and a few colorful golf balls lie in progress on the floor of the course.

To unlock the Subpar achievement, fully stock the Mini Golf and the Sub Shop.

The Mini Golf's stock includes: 1 Player Round, 2 Player Round and 3 Player Round.


Item Quantity Stocking Price Stocking Time Min. Profit Max. Profit
Level 1
1 Player Round 450 270 coins 30M 180 coins 703 coins
2 Player Round 900 540 coins 1H 1,260 coins 3,206 coins
3 Player Round 1,800 1,080 coins 2H 4,320 coins 10,012 coins
Level 2
1 Player Round 525 315 coins 35M 210 coins 820 coins
2 Player Round 975 585 coins 1H 5M 1,365 coins 3,473 coins
3 Player Round 1,875 1,125 coins 2H 5M 4,500 coins 10,429 coins
Level 3
1 Player Round 600 360 coins 40M 240 coins 937 coins
2 Player Round 1,050 630 coins 1H 10M 1,470 coins 3,740 coins
3 Player Round 1,950 1,170 coins 2H 10M 4,680 coins 10,846 coins

And so on. Each additional level adds 75 to each stock, 45 coins to each stocking price, and 5M to each stocking time.

Bitizens with this Dream JobEdit

Further information: List of All Bitizens
  • Bernard Butler
  • D. Bennett
  • Gregory Boyd
  • Heather Howard
  • L. Fleming
  • L. Gibson
  • Marc Frazier

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