The Museum is a center of natural history and archeological finds. To the left of the entrance, a print hangs framed on the wall and two artifacts — one a brightly colored ceramic vessel and the other ostensibly a large-headed doll — sit enclosed in glass cases on thick, labeled pedestals. Set into the wall on the right are two collections, the first exhibiting various ancient pole arms and a helm, and the other a large dish with an excerpt hanging above. The likely pride of the museum, a large and seemingly complete dinosaur skeleton is displayed in open air in the hall, identified by a plaque at the base. The textured walls are lined with si

mple doric columns.

To unlock the Field Trip achievement, fully stock the Museum and t

he Tutoring Center.

The Museum's stock includes: Admission (M), Audio Tour and Charity Event.


Item Quantity Stocking Price Stocking Time Min. Profit Max. Profit
Level 1
Admission 675 405 coins 45M 270 coins 1,054 coins
Audio Tour 1,200 720 coins 1H 20M 1,680 coins 4,274 coins
Charity Event 3,300 1,980 coins 3H 40M 7,920 coins 18,355 coins
Level 2
Admission 750 450 coins 50M 300 coins 1,172 coins
Audio Tour 1,275 765 coins 1H 25M 1,785 coins 4,542 coins
Charity Event 3,375 2,025 coins 3H 45M 8,100 coins 18,772 coins
Level 3
Admission 825 495 coins 55M 330 coins 1,289 coins
Audio Tour 1,350 810 coins 1H 30M 1,890 coins 4,809 coins
Charity Event 3,450 2,070 coins 3H 50M 8,280 coins 19,189 coins
And so on. Each additional level adds 75 to each stock, 45 coins to each stocking price, and 5M to each stocking time.